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LED Photon Therapy Facial Lifting and Massaging Device

LED Photon Therapy Facial Lifting and Massaging Device

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The LED Photon Therapy Facial Lifting and Massaging Device uses light therapy and massages to improve the appearance, health of the skin, lifts and tighten the skin, eliminates puffiness, and helps thin the face.

  •   LED lights to stimulate the skin cells and promote collagen production, which can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The massaging function of these devices helps to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can reduce puffiness and promote a more youthful, vibrant appearance.
  •  Red light therapy: This intelligent face-lifting instrument improves skin cell activity, promotes metabolism and collagen secretion, accelerates blood circulation, enhances skin elasticity, repairs the skin and resists oxidation.
  •  Orange light therapy: Prevent dry skin, increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.
  •  Green light therapy: Rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads and acne caused by fatigue and mental stress.
  •  Blue light therapy: When The electric facial massager uses blue light, it can inhibit common skin inflammation, calm the skin, balance oil and whiten the skin, remove wrinkles and shrink pores, soothe the skin and keep the skin in good condition.
  •  Purple light therapy: The electric face machine can eliminate skin toxins, slow down melanin, expand capillaries and activate enzymes to prevent common sub-healthy skin conditions.
  •  12 Vibration Modes: 1-3 speed plasticity mode: suitable for people with relatively sensitive cuticle. 4-5 speed firming mode: suitable for people with moderate masseter muscle fat and double chin. 6-12-speed lift mode: use people for more than half a year to consolidate.
  •  Timer Settings: 15, 30. and 45 minutes.





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