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PulseGuard Smart Watch

PulseGuard Smart Watch

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Smart Watch Tracker - The ultimate fitness companion for your active lifestyle!

  • This sleek and stylish watch is packed with advanced features that allow you to monitor your health and fitness in real-time.
  • The Smart Health Watch Tracker is equipped with a heart rate monitor that continuously tracks your heart rate, so you can monitor your cardiovascular health and optimize your workouts.
  • It also has a step counter, distance tracker, and calorie tracker, which allow you to set and track your fitness goals.
  • In addition to its 50 fitness features, the Smart Watch Health Tracker has several other health monitoring capabilities. It can monitor your sleep patterns and provide insights on your sleep quality, helping you get the rest you need to perform your best.
  • The Smart Watch Health Tracker is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing it to sync with your smartphone and provide you with notifications for incoming calls, text messages, and other notifications.
  • The watch's intuitive interface and user-friendly app make it easy to customize your settings, view your fitness data, and track your progress towards your goals.
  • With its durable, water-resistant construction, the Smart Watch Health Tracker is built to withstand even the most intense workouts.
  • So if you're looking for a high-tech, comprehensive health and fitness tracker that can help you take your workouts to the next level, look no further than the Smart Health Watch Tracker!


  • Heart Rate Tracker
  • Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • Step Counter
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Message Reminder
  • Call Reminder
  • Alarm Clock
  • Stop Watch
  • Calculator
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Extra Long Battery Life
  • 9 different language settings

 Activity Tracked:

  • Steps Tracker
  • Distance Tracker
  • Calorie Tracker
  • Activity Tracker
  • APP Download Available for IPhone and Android
  • Available in two colors Black or Pink


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